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Christmas as it is

Christmas as it is
6 January, 2022

Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ however many claim that Christ did not born on 25th December and Christmas was a Pagan Festival. In fact, when we celebrate Christmas today, was once, (272-337) a festival celebrated on 25th December, where the Romans, which were Pagans, worshipped the sun as a God (Natalis Invicti Solis) as they considered the Sun a symbol of renovation. At that point, there was no Christianity within the Romans.

It was only in 313 that Christianity was recognised by Emperor Constantino and from IV century, Pope Julius I (337-352), made Christmas official and chose the 25th of December to celebrate the birth of Jesus (Natale Domini). Nobody knows for sure the exact day Jesus has born however, the 25th December was chosen by the Pope in order to turn the Pagan Festival in a Christian celebration.

I believe we can safely conclude that what is important is what we celebrate and not the day we celebrate, also Christmas is a Christian celebration and not a Pagan celebration.

By the way, did you know that some people keep the Christmas’ lights on until 6th of January? This is because the Wise Men (Balthasar, Gaspar & Melchior) visited Jesus a few days after His birth and the day set by the Church was the 6th.



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