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Somewhere To Start - New Year

Somewhere To Start - New Year
11 January, 2022

"I felt a great need to buy a notebook to entrust all my feelings and thoughts to God, through writing. It was supposed to be the simplest notebook on the supermarket shelves, but something pulled me to the green lettered notebook. that said “Start Somewhere”.

I understood this as an opportunity to close the bitter chapters of last year and start new sweet chapters for this year. But also, I understood that it is not enough to expect that as we pass from one year to another, things simply change. Change begins within us, from controlling our mind, from undernourishment of our ego and from a heart that is welcoming to God.

Despite this change, I also understood that sometimes, the problems that haunt us are not up to us to solve them. As I can't do anything about mine, I leave it in God's hands so that he can solve them in his own way and at his time, following the natural course of things and being the best for me, as always!

In the meantime, I focus on starting with my inner change. I mean more “thanks”, more “sorry” and more “please”. I want to be more positive under the circumstances. I want to be more empathetic and humble towards the people I come across daily. I want to be more! I want to change, from me and for me, from God and for God, from society and for society!


This is my “start somewhere”. And you, where will your beginning be?"

Alexandra Serrao

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