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Trusting in GOD at difficult seasons

Trusting in GOD at difficult seasons
15 June, 2022
We All go through difficult seasons sometimes and it's at these times that is important trusting in GOD's plan. I'm going through a very hard and difficult season since May 2021, emotionally, financially and Healthy wise. Everything started to go down the hill, 1 big problem after another. I'm still struggling to go through all the issues however I feel that GOD wants me to grow and strengthen my relationship with him. Everyday I talk a lot with HIM asking for strength and help to trust in HIS plan. Besides the big issues in my life, everyday I have to deal with something negative that doesn't go smooth, everyday is a fight. But I trust GOD's plan and I show HIM that. Is in difficult times that HE tests our love for HIM. Although everyday I have to fight, I have to still obey HIM, control myself to have a good attitude and despite everything, do something good for someone. I would like to share a few words from Joel Osteen that I find inspired and, by experience, truthful. " praise is not just words; it’s an attitude. Our life should be a praise to God. We should be grateful, have a smile, be good to people, and be passionate about our dreams. When you’ve learned the secret to bless the Lord at all times, you can be in a pit but nobody around you knows it. You’re not sour. You don’t have a chip on your shoulder. Anyone can give God praise when things are going your way. But the test is, will you praise Him in the wilderness? Will you worship Him in spite of what’s not working, praise Him in spite of who did you wrong? The way you bless the Lord at all times is by your praise, by always finding something to be grateful for, by not dwelling on wrongs but thanking God for what’s right. It’s by not focusing on what you lost but thanking God for what you have left, and by not complaining about what’s behind you but by being grateful for what’s in front of you. God Bless you All If you have any comment or question, you can write in the blog or send an email to
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